Our PhilososphyWe celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of each person who arrives here and will do our utmost to make your stay as pleasurable, comfortable and memorable as possible. We love travelling and exploring new places ourselves and understand how significant the decision as to where to spend one’s precious holiday time is.

We aim to provide accommodation and services which are excellent value where you receive five star treatment for a fraction of the cost.

You may want to come here with a loved one, with friends or family to luxuriate amidst spectacular vistas or simply have some time on your own to chill out by the salt water pool with fabulous views of the surrounding mountains.

You may need time away from your normal hectic lifestyle without the distractions of day-to-day life to have the space for some gentle reflection.

Our PhilososphyYou may want to explore the delights of typically Andaluz cuisine or you may have specific dietary requirements. The freshly-picked fruits and vegetables from our organic, bio-dynamic vegetable garden may appeal most or fresh fish from the market.

You may want to organize a small, exclusive retreat for up to 10 people or host a special event (we have had had a number of surprise birthday weeks here with guests coming from all over the world). You can get married here (we did under a beautiful olive tree in the orchard with a pure bred Andalusian stallion figuring…)

You may want to indulge in some holistic treatmentsThai Yoga Massage or Reflexology– to optimize your rest and recuperation whilst you are here, you may just want to take long walks in unspoiled nature or simply have some time to yourself.

lotusYou may be super fit and want to hike, mountain bike, rock-climb or do some adventure tourism while you are here or you may be suffering or recovering from a serious illness and are looking for stillness and quietude.

We love the old Celtic idea that every stranger is a potential friend and we live by that in our home and on our travels.

The Unique Retreat is a fun, nurturing, conscious space where we are committed to our guests feeling they can be exactly who they are and feel supported, cared for and accepted.

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