cooking1We are delighted to present you our most recent co-creation, “Cooking From the Heart.The Best of Andaluz Hospitality”. Nacho wrote it at the request of many of our guests at The Unique Retreat.

It contains 25 of the best-loved, most delicious, sometimes healthy Andaluz recipes which our guests have most enjoyed. It also contains fantastic photography by our dear friend and world-class photographer, Giles Bracher, of the meals and the spectacular area we are blessed to llive in and inspirational reflections from some of the world’s greatest minds. Included are some wonderful, easy-to-make tapas, amazing salads, three versions of paella, the best of regional Andaluz cuisine and two exquisite desserts.

You can preview it at this link .

cooking2You can buy it for yourself through Blurb but we can offer it more cheaply for €20 per copy plus postage and packaging. Otherwise, if you prefer to simply download the book, you can buy the PDF for  €15 directly from us.

Equally you can purchase it as a beautiful and original personalised gift for birthdays or Christmas or as a very sweet ‘Thank you’ present directly from us via Paypal.

If we do not already have your email, please send me an email at with your postal address stating how many signed copies you would like and if you would like them dedicated, to whom. We can only organise this if you buy the book(s) direct from us.

Here is what others have said about “Cooking From the Heart”

cooking3“Generosity is the essence of good cooking. Think of a red-tiled Spanish farmhouse set amid hilly Andalusian olive groves. In the corner of the kitchen, juggling pans on the countertop, Nacho has a twinkle in his eye as he reaches for a pinch of paprika. Not the Hungarian kind, he tells us, but the good sweet Spanish variety of his uncle Antonio. With small, deft movements, he conducts the heat-ripples in the air as he infuses the little curvy Fideuá pastas with the rich scents of home and family.

Next time you have a chance, go and visit and eat with Nacho and Marina – you’ll find them on the road from Colmenar, down a dusty track but if it will be a while before your trip, simply dive into this book and enjoy!”

Dr. Breandán Knowltey, Executive Director of Historypin, a non-profit community archiving project in London.

“Heart and soul  are the essence of great home cooking — a philosophy that’s  been core to what’s served up at The Unique Retreat since 2011. Cooking from the Heart celebrates the enduring connection between food, place, and the community that always comes with eating delicious food together. Simple to prepare for the home cook, these are traditional Andalusian dishes with a twist of love.

Nacho and Marina are dedicated to providing enriching encounters with a family of friends from all corners of the Earth. Nacho is a gifted alchemist transforming food into joy with recipes to make your heart sing. Together they seek to foster a deeper connection in the ways in which people relate to themselves, each other, nature and to the delights of eating well. They consider the sharing of delicious food prepared with love as a bridge to creating deeper connections, whether through a common passion for great food or a heart-felt conversation. Open this book, get inspired, run to the kitchen, and call your friends or family to the table!”

Dr. Anna Hammond, Executive Director of The Sylvia Center, a health and wellness culinary program for disadvantaged youth and families, New York

Enjoy! This is a book to be relished!

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